I'm a family guy who has lived in Phoenix, AZ since 2004. My wife and I are raising three amazing kids who couldn't make us prouder. As a father of these three amazing teenagers, I'm (re)learning life's lessons--from the mundane to the complex. I'm a lucky guy.
During the day (bleeding into the night), I lead a team that produces, directs, and edits video for University of Phoenix. I'm proud of the work we do for our students, and I love being a part of telling our brand story.  The most rewarding aspect of the job is pulling together a team that supports each other while creating best-in-class creative work in broadcast, digital, social media, and classroom contexts. 
On the weekends, you can find me and my camera roaming the streets of Phoenix capturing moments and scenes that I find beautiful. I'm learning every time I take out my camera, and I'm having a blast.
Please visit my instagram account and leave me some feedback. 
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